Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan it lies almost equi distance from the national capital Delhi and tourists city Agra. Jaipur lies in the north western port of India a little north to the tropic of cancer. Jaipur is very well connected with all parts of India via air, road and train routes.

Location of Jaigarh Fort: - Located on the top notch corner of the hill named “cheel ka teela” the spiraling hill road leading to the Jaigarh fort offers picturesque views of the Jaipur city and Jal Mahal in particular.

Entrance: - Indian nationals are charged INR 100 while the foreign nationals are charged 500 INR.

Timings: - The jaigarh fort is situated at a high elevation of around 400 m surrounded by thick foliage which is part of Nahargarh wildlife sanctuary it is advisable not to venture in this area in the night time. Remember in your Jaipur Tours that this fort opens at 9:00 am and closes at 4:45 pm every day.

History and architecture: - The Jaigarh or the “fort of victory” is a pure military structure made for defence on top of a high hillock of the Arawali range. The jaigarh fort is around 3 km in length and 1 km in breadth. The high fortified imposing walls and ramparts are worth a visit. Subterranean safe passages interconnect the Amer fort with the Jaigarh fort. Jaigarh fort being considered a safer avenue was the best choice for the royalty in any time of distress. The central area has a huge tank underneath to store the rain water. Imagine in those medieval times the architecture was so advanced.
Jaigarh was constructed during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II another important aspect of Jaigarh was an operational foundry which manufactured the canons. This facility was known to manufacture state of the art canons to be used by the jaipur state army and the mogul army. One of the canon manufactured at the canon manufacturing facility at jaigarh and is supposed to be the biggest canon in the world,It is exhibited here for the tourists. Used just once in entire life time “Jai baan” is an interesting exhibit of Jaigarh.

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