Location of Ajmer : - Situated on the main highway connecting Jaipur with Udaipur city of Ajmer is located in the top of Aravali Mountain. The nearest airports are of Jaipur and Jodhpur. Ajmer is a junction on the main Delhi – Ahmadabad line; you can catch trains to any part of India from Ajmer.

Best Season to Visit Ajmer : - Very Similar to other tourist spot in Rajasthan Ajmer Tour is best enjoyed in the winter season, the summers are exceptionally hot in Ajmer. The winters start in October and last till the month of March.

If you are planning for Rajasthan Tour Packages you can include Ajmer in your travel plan. Ajmer is famous both in India and Pakistan for the major of Sheikh Baba Moinuddinchisti. The word chisti comes from the chistisilsila of the Sufi islam which was made popular by Sufi saint MoinuddinChisti. Sheikh Baba Farid was also a disciple of the Ajmer saint. Baba Farid and his verses were added to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib by the Sikh Gurus and Baba Farid is very severed by the followers of Sikhism. The Mughal rulers were also followers of saint Baba Moinuddinchisti. Akbar and his successors come on jiyarat (holy visit) to Ajmer many times. Most of the architecture is Ajmer can be travel down to the Mughal emperors. The Sufi emphasize on love impassion and brotherhood of mankind. Through these Sufi saints were puritanical Islamises but their tombs are equally revered by the Hindus and they come in large number for Dua (Prayer) it is said these duas (Prayers) at the Dargah of Ajmer Sharif are all answered. Most of the India Sunni Muslims have lots of devotion for the Sufi mystics. The devotees come even from Pakistan and Bangladesh. As respect and offering to the sufi mystic the devotees offer flowers and the shroud (Chadar) on the holy tomb of Moinuddin Chisti.

Quawalis are song which are very much an accepted form of Worship in Sufi islam Sheikh Moinuddinchisti was born in 1141 Act in Eastern Persia he was born upto a family of sayyids(descudarts) Muhammad. He was religerslyudined and at a very young age he become a hafiz later he said all his believing and become a reaccaciate travelling he friendly settled down at Ajmer. Most of the sunnis in India become Islamic on the motivation of these sufi mystics. The mystic died at an age of 114 years at Ajmer and his tomb was created.

Architecture of Ajmer Sharif : - The tomb of KhuajaMoinuddinchisti bears the tell tale signs of Mughals architecture, even the names are similar, the bulanddarwaza the grand gate to the mausoleum was constructed by Akbar to communicate his victory over Kheadesh and Ahmad Nagar in 1576. The dargah or the mausoleum is a marble structure very similar to the dargah of sheikh salimchisti, the tomb has a mother of pearl eiely installed by Jahangeer. There are various buildings in the dargah constructed by Mughals, the Jama Masjid, the langarKhana, gates of entry, Chandeliers, NaggarKhana – The dream house, Saudali Mosque etc.

Annual urs at Ajmer Dargah: - Anniversary of the sufi mystic popularity called as Urs is collaborated every year at Ajmer dargah, the Jayrein (Devotees) come from far and wide to attend the Urs. The entire town of Ajmer bears a festive look in the urs is celebrated in the seventh Islamic year. The choicest Quawaliscome sing and entire peer with their quawalis, the langar is prepared in huge cauldrons gifted by the great Mughal emperor Akbar, and vegetarian food cooked in pure Desi Ghee served with a rich assortment of nuts, saffron etc.

Other major attractions of Ajmer Tourism : –

Ana SagarLake : - In your Rajasthan Tour itinerary you should include Ana Sagar Lake during your Ajmer Tour.The name Ajmer comes from the term Ajay – Meru. Ajay means one who cart be defeated and meru means a mountain so the city in the midst of the mountain which is cavacible is the city of Ajmer. Ajmer has been the citadel of the Chauhan clan of Rajputs, famous ruler PrithvirajChauhan is descendant of the same clan. Ana Sagar the manmade lake was day by for fathers of Prithiviraj, in the name of the ruler Ana the lake was called Ana Sagar. It’s really soothing and heartening to see a huge majestic lake in the hot and arid state of Rajasthan. The Mughals who were a regular visitor to the city of Ajmer added to the architecture of the city. A garden was developed by Jahangir known as Daulatbagh, this leis on one end of the lake Ana Sagar. Shahjahan constructed the Baradari on the banks of Ana Sagar. The Baradari is a series of Pawilions fine in number in classic Mughal architecture. The local easidents of Ajmer come to Ana Sagar every day is large numbers and enjoy the evenings. Some boats are also available for rent at the DaulatBagh gardens these boats can be used to reach a solitary islad in the midst of the lane.

Adhai Din KaJhopra- Located on the periphery of Ajmer city is the monument named Adhai din kaJhopda, the name is mysterious some say the monument was constructed in just two and half days or it could be in reference to URS celebrate in 18th century which was celebrated for two and half days. The literal meaning of Adhai Din is two and half days and Jhopda refers to a hut. The structure is very different from normal mosques and bears striking similarity with the quwwatul mosque in Delhi. This mosque was constructed after demolishing pre -existing Jain and Hindu temples, the hall of the mosque rest on pillars all bearing the Hindu symbols. The thick wall in front of the hall has three arches on either side and a central gate. Bears the calligraphy in sand stone, the chapters of quran have been inscribed in an artistic fashion embolished with floral designs. The entire structure is constructed on an elevated platform and devotees have to take a flight of steps to reach the mosque.

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