A historic city very near to the national capital Delhi it was domain of the Kachwaha clan of Rajputs. Located just 150 kms from Delhi Alwar is a comfortable weekend destination from Delhi. Alwar is connected with good roads to Bhiwadi and further up to Delhi, to Palwal, to Mathura, to Bharatpur and to Jaipur. The nearest airport is the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi. Jaipur airport is also not very far. Alwar is a part of the national capital region and a district of Rajasthan India.

History of Alwar : - The name Alwar probably comes from the Aravali hills surrounding the city of Alwar. Some historians say this area once was ruled by the Sulva tribe which imparted the name Alwar to this region. During the British times it was called Ulwar later becoming Alwar. The Royal city of Alwar since its foundation has changed many hands from Khanjada, Mewatis to Mughals, Pathan, Marathas, Jats, finally the city came to the hands of Pratap Singh a Rajput of the Kachwaha clan in 1770. Maharaja Pratap Singh earlier was a jagirdar in the Alwar area. The state become a vassal state of the British ruled India and was accorded the status of Alwar state under the British dominion.

Places to visit in Alwar

The city of Alwar has many tourist attractions and the city has immense capability to entice and allure the tourists.

Bala Quila : - As the name suggests this is a military structure atop a hill. The fort is massive around 5 kilometres long and 1.5 kms wide. Perched high above at an elevation of 1000 ft the fort has six gates Jai Pol, Sural Pol, Laxman Pol, Chand Pol, Krishan Pol and Andheri Gate. The fort is visible from a long distance and can be cited easily above the skyline of Alwar city. The winding narrow road leads you to the top of the hill and Bala Quila through Jai Pol. The high walls of the fort have spaces for the muskets. The fort building is open to the tourist and has beautiful Rajasthani canopies (Chattris) a high hall with surrounding rooms and building with multi cusped arches. The carriage trains of the cannons are on display. The fort is huge and is considered one among the large forts of Rajasthan. The local people talk about a hidden treasure in the fort which is yet to be revealed. The sightseeing of the Bala Quila is indeed a reward for the Pains taken to reach the fort.

City Palace and Alwar Museum: - City Palace is the residential complex of the royal dynasty of Alwar. Today the city Palace is better recognised as the collector ate of Alwar city and the Palace now houses the main administration offices of district administration and police. The palace is a marvellous architectural wonder made in typical style of Rajathani and Mughal architecture. The walls are painted with murals. There are fifteen towers and numerous smaller ones coupled with numerous chattris, the palace of Alwar with a large central courtyard looks absolutely stunning. The palace also houses a museum very recently the museum has been revamped. The museum has a very fine collection very aesthetically arranged in large rooms of the city palace. In the centre of the hall is an old bicycle from a bygone era the bicycle has been embellished with silver coating. The Golden hued ‘Raaj Sinhasan’ are also on display these royal chairs steal the show. The museum has a rich display of ancient idols and sculptures, there are the Jain tirthankaras, Idols of Shiva and Parvati, Vishnu and Ganesh. The dining table show cases the life style of the royalty. The armour collection and display of the museum is worth an applause. The museum has exhibits of armours, full body armours, the dhal, Bows and arrows in multiple numbers, swords and the daggers of all kinds. Worth enumerating are the swords of Akbar and Humaun the Great Mughals, multiple Persian swords, muskets of various designs, flintlock pistols, guns, and percussion cap rifles, modern revolvers. There is so much to go through at this museum.

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