Agra Mazars And Dargah

Agra Mazars And Dargah History

Dargah is a tomb built over the grave of a renowned Sufi saint or the holy men. Sufi followers often frequent these places for Ziyarat as a pilgrimage sometimes people mistake it for a mosque but it is not a mosque. Only at same places mosques are separately erected for worship Agra has a long history of different sects of Sufism. This different sufi Darvesh have their respective Dargahs. Spread in and around Agra city. One of the most famous Dargah is of Salim Chisti in Fatehpur Sikri. Besides this even in the city you can explore same other famous Dargahs mentioned below.

Dargah of 4 Pir Brothern

The 4 great Pirs or the holy sages hailed from Bukhara and they were headed by Hazrat Ahmed Bhukhari. The other Pir brothers were – Syeed Jalal Bhukhari, Amzad Bukhari and Sayeed Lal Bukhari. These four pirs with their divine powers helped the construction of the Taj Mahal. The folk tales say that while the foundations of the Taj were laid they had several inpediments by the negative energy. The jinns in the surrounding were in constant process of destruction of the foundations and the artisans working over there were in the dread of these evil forces.

In the same time under the expert advice of the group of holy men Shahjahan invited the four Sayeed brothers to come to Agra and work as saviors to the epitome of love these four pirs thus made thor way to Agra and they realy anointed the place with the holy veses of the Quran and started the foundation work by the hands of the emperor. They all made their dwelling places on the four corners of the Taj Mahal. As these holy sprits departed to their heavenly abode the four dargah or mazars were erected on all of these four corners.

Mazars Bukhari’s Tomb is on the Eastern Gate while Jalal Bukhari Mazar is on the western gate Ahzad Bukhari Tomb lies in Telipara Tajganj area while the fourth one of Lal Bukhari tomb is near. People consider that while these Mazars are intact Taj Mahal with remain quiet safe.

Abul Illah Dargah

This famous Dargah lies on National highway from Delhi to Kolkata in New Agra area. This dargah is dedicated to Hazrat Syed Shah Ameer Abul Ula. His grandfather migrated to India from Uzbekistan in Akabar’s time. He was born in 1582 at Narela in Delhi. As his father died at on young age he was brought up with his materval grandfather named as Faizi who hold the position of governor of Bengal. Later he become a sufi Darvesh and was blessed by visiting the Dargah of Ajmer. Through his life he was engaged in preaching and performing miracles. Even today he is much revered by his followers and millions of devotees pay a visit to his Dargah annually.

Sherjung Dargah Agra

This famous Dargah of Agra lies on NH-2 near Artoni town. This Dargah is dedicated to a pir baba Sherjung and has a glazed done with marble verandah. This tomb is frequented by people of all sects and religions. On Thursdays this crowd increased much. The legends say that Baba Sherjung lived long ago and he befriended tigers, lions and other wild animals. His real name was Shah Fateh. Common people called him sherjung Baba on account of his civilrol over lions. The tomb was made by Baba Bashir.

Kamal Khan Dargah, Agra

Baba kamal khan ki Dargah lies in Shiv Nagar, Idgah Agra and is one of the most famous Dargah of Agra. Every year famous Nauchandi Mela is held. This Dargah is a symbol of unity of Hindu-Muslim in Agra. Nauchandi Mela has a special swimming competition where the youth swimmers take part. It starts from Ram Bagh Ghat and ends at Hathi Ghat Agra. Scores of swimmers show their skill on the beat of drums and thousands of spectators watch this trilling experience over the years.

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