Cola Beach

Cola Beach

Location of Cola Beach: - The cola beach is not a very famous beach in Goa so reaching here may be difficult but this beach certainly is a reward for those who take pains, to reach here you need a dedicated vehicle, the road is not very wide and is winding sharply. The beach is around 60 kms from the Dabolim international airport. The nearest railway station is Cana cowa around 12 kms from the cola beach. Even after you leave the vehicle you will have to scale down a considerable height to reach the beach.

Features of the Cola Beach: - Cola is the blue lagoon beach of Goa. Quaint and serene beach not very popular in the local tourists this beach is a hidden gem. No road leads directly to the cola beach you have to walk on foot alighting the steps and suddenly you are in a paradise with serene sea waves on one side and a blue lagoon surrounded by long coconut trees, isn’t this a picture perfect. No shacks are present in this beach but some beach resorts are there and these resorts operate the restaurants where you can dine. The lagoon has pristine crystal clear waters and you should certainly use the kayaks to explore the lagoon. Fishes abound in this lovely little lagoon and your kayaking will be an experience you will sure not forget for a long time. This is the peaceful beach where you can play the beach volley ball, The beach at some places has rocky volcanic surface. The golden sand is very nice and clean with green hills as a background.

Adventure activities at Cola beach: - The kayaks are the only adventure activity at cola beach and they can be easily hired for a modest payout

Stay at Cola Beach: - The beach has adjacent beach huts which are an amazing staying option at Cola beach. The cola beach resort, The blue lagoon resort and Dwarka Goa are some staying options at the cola beach and they are an amazing staying experience.

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