Lahaul Spiti

Lahaul Spiti

Location of Lahaul Spiti : - The area of lahaul and spiti is considered a tough terrain , this valley is situated in the north east part of the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located south to the Leh and Ladakh region.

How to Reach Lahaul Spiti

Lahaul Spiti By Air : - The only way to reach the valley of Lahaul and spiti is by road. The nearest airport lies at Buntar near kullu Manali, The nearest international airport is in Chandigarh which is around 495 kms away from the valley of lahaul and spiti.

Lahaul Spiti By Road : - There are two possible roads to reach the Lahaul spiti valley the first is from Manali going through the Atal tunnel under the Rohtang Paas you have to pass through the high and treacherous kunjum pass which poses a tough challenge to the commuters, The road is narrow and sure is a challenge for the drivers. The road is open only in summers, even in summers the melting snow and the rainfall makes the matters worse. It is advisable to ride a vehicle with high road clearance and better still to ride a 4 wheel drive vehicle as this pass poses the toughest challenge not only to the driver but to the machine as well. After the kunjum pass the road has been built very recently. Scenery is absolutely breath taking though the road is narrow but since there is not much traffic you can drive comfortably. The other route to Kaza starts from Shimla you can take a night halt at Ramnagar and starting next morning you can reach Kaza comfortably by evening this road is comparably easier to traverse; the road and the passes don’t pose a bigger challenge. Even bigger vehicle like tempo traveler can go this way in ease. In winters this road is also under a heavy cover of snow fall and the temperature drops to subzero.

A tour to the lahaul and spiti which is not a normal hill station is a tough and ardous task, visit this area of Himachal Pradesh which poses lots of challenges to the visitors. This area has a very low density of population, there are villages which only have few homes and this is normal in the valley of lahaul and spiti. The high altitude poses lots of health issues so this area is only for those who are medically very fit. In areas of high altitude the dissolved oxygen count Spo2 may drop drastically which can be a grave threat to life if you are not medically fit.

This area has a very harsh weather, in winters the temperature can drop to -20 degree Celsius or can even reach -35 degree Celsius in some remote areas. A visit to this area of Lahaul and Spiti is possible only in the summer months starting from May to October every year.

This valley offers spectacles you sure can’t enjoy elsewhere, there are very less trees over the barren mountains laden with snow which sparkle with the first rays of sun posing a never to forget pictures. Even the wild animals are different only those who can survive the harshest weather conditions survive here. The snow leopard, the blue sheep, musk deer are some exotic varieties of wild animals only found over here.

Buddhism has string influence in this land of Lahaul Spiti there are frittering prayer flags omnipresent, there are some very old Buddhist monasteries is Lahaul and Spiti. If you are interested you can find some very learned Buddhist monks and can learn meditation. Techniques from them Yak is the major source as a domesticated animal. It is used to till the lads, its meat and milk is used as diet. The fur and the skin help to keep warm.

The roads to lahaul and spiti have wonderful sights, there are waterfalls and water crossings in the road, there are deep gorges and ravines on one side and is domitable peaks in the other and the narrow road makes drive an experience , the cold as barren desert of Lahaul and spiti makes rare sights of various colored mountains.

A camp outside under the skins will make you communicate with stars which are so bright in the clear skies of Lahaul and spiti. The road is under constant threat of

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