Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

Which is the most haunted fort of North India?

Bhangarh Fort in Alwar district of Rajasthan state is supposed to be the most haunted fort of Rajasthan. Due to this reason the archeological survey of India does not allows anyone to visit the ruins of Bhangarh Fort after the sunset. An official warning for the same has been posted at the Bhangarh fort. The local people confirm the same and remain away from the ruins of Bhangarh Fort.

Location of Bhangarh Fort

Situated around 65 kms from the Jaipur city are the ruins of Bhangarh fort which has been termed as the most haunted fort of India. It takes around 1.5 hrs to drive from Jaipur city and around half an hour from Dausa city to reach the Bhangarh Fort.

Bhangarh Fort Story and Architecture

Amongst the picturesque Aravali hills is situated the haunted city and fort of Bhangarh. The Bhangarh fort was constructed by King Bhagwant das of the Amer royalty, he constructed this fort for his second son Madho singh who was brother of Mansingh the famous army general of Emperor Akbar. The city was complete with palatial complex which was multi storied the city was fortified with high walls and watch towers constructed over the hills. There were bazaars and the city had a good population. Suddenly the city was abandoned and no one lived over here for long. The village is also not very near to the fort. Many stories abound for the desertion of the Bhangarh city and fort. The most famous is that of a curse by a black magician who fell in love with the beautiful princess and sent a bewitched bottle of oil to be applied to the hair of princess Ratnawati. The princess sensed the trap and broke the bottle on a stone. It is said the same stone trampled and killed the black magician who before dying cursed the city which was deserted and abandoned.

The architecture of Bhangarh fort even though now in ruins looks quite inspiring and amazing, the fortification is complete with bastions and gates. The structure has been made with stone and mortar. The palace now in dilapidated conditions was multi storied, the road to the palatial complex has rows of shops which are now in complete ruins. There are many temples in this ruined city and some of them are in extra ordinary fine condition. The top stories of the palatial complex seem to have caved in but the rooms underneath and the stories are in very good conditions.

Why does ASI not allow to visit Bhangarh Fort at night time.

All the ASI managed monuments operate only in the day time opening at sunrise and closing at sunset but the story of Bhangarh is a little different. Bhangarh fort warning board restricts visit of this place after sunset. This fort came in to prominence because of the stories of being a haunted fort and eerie ghosts strolling in the ruins at night.

Since ages the locals have made it a point not to visit the ruins at night. To prevent any unforeseen incident perhaps the ASI has issued a warning of not visiting the ruins at night as the stories combined with darkness can lead to concoction of reality which infact is not real.

Is Bhangarh really haunted?

Since ages as the city laid abandoned and turned in to ruins, the stories were concocted and these stories spread around, while we went to know the reality, we found and experienced nothing. Its an excellent historic site where some people come to perform black magic and the tantra(we found signs of the same ), rest as tourists cant visit the ruins at night so we can’t tell about the night circumstances.

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