If you are fond of wilderness, if exotic locations entice you then a trip to Chandratal is for you. This nascent lake in northern Himachal which is the Trans Himalayan region. The Himalayas can be divided into three respective regions The lower Himalayas, The greater Himalayas and the Trans Himalayas. The Trans Himalayas are really an experience as the attitude is very high the surrounding high peaks are forever snow capped with no vegetation at all. Chandratal is a beautiful lake set across the amazing landscape. The surroundings are the high peaks covered entire year with snow absolutely no vegetation exists over here but the waters of the lake are so pristine and clear that everything on the bottom is visible from the top. It’s an altogether different world in comparison to the large cities of India.

How to reach: - The only way to reach Chandratal is by road, the best way is to ride a 4x4 SUV from Manali/ Kaza. From the Kunjum Pass the road bifurcates leading to the Chandratal. A rocky road where you can’t hit hi –speed will slowly take you to the camping site of Chandratal Lake. This is infact an open ground where during the tourists season the make shift camps come up for the tourists, even during the summer months its biting cold over here depending upon your budget you can choose the camps.

From the camping site the lake is a two kilometer walk. The looks of the lake are absolutely amazing, the pure crystal clear water from the high peaks melts and collects as lakes or flows in shape of cascades. The Chandratal lake as the observers say changes color in different times of the day. In the morning it appears blue later appearing to be greenish blue and various other shades. You can observe mother nature from this spot very closely as not many hindrances exist here just you and the pure mother nature. The high altitude and the severe weather conditions do make it tough to survive here but this sure is a destination worthy to be explored. From the camp site you can experience crystal clear view of the Milky Way during the night, the stars appear so bright and clear you certainly will remember this for a long time.

When you drive from Manali to the Chandratal using the newly built Atal tunnel till Gramfu which is around 40 kms the road is metal and good, from Gramfu till Losar its all off road and takes toll on the vehicle. A gushing spring called “Pagal Nallah” tests the driving skills of the drivers as the speedy flow of the water which increases during day time coupled with rocks underneath makes life difficult for the drivers. At Vatal there is a 49 years old make shift Dhaba (eatery) run by an old couple friendly called Chacha Chachi.

They are saviors of many daredevils, over here where no one lives except them. They have sleeping facility for 8-10 people and off course they serve delicious food.

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