Maharaja Express Ticket Price, Route & Schedule2024-25

Maharaja Express is the ultimate India has to offer in terms of luxury trains in India. The train was incepted way back in 2010 as the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) joined hands with Cox and Kings Ltd a private sector enterprises. The train started running way later and today it’s operated only by IRCTC. The train has bagged many tourism awards and was voted seven times straight as the world’s leading luxury train at the world travel awards.

Maharaja Express Train Cabins

Mahraja Express is famed for matchless and elegant cabins. All 4 types of cabins – Deluxe, Junior Suites, Suites and Presidential Suite are designed in such a manner that the passenger can see through the window and gaze at the beautiful landscape. The cabins are named after precious stones i.e. – sapphire, diamond, pearl, coral, etc.

Maharajas express has 23 carriages these 23 carriages include the dining cars, carriages used as accommodation, lounge, a generator car and a bar. The accommodation is in 14 carriages as these are a total 20 deluxe cabins which accommodate 40 passengers in total, There are another 18 Maharaja Express Train cabins in the category of junior suites, junior suites also accommodate 36 passengers, these is a single royal presidential suite which can accommodate four persons. This presidential suit occupies single carriage.

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Maharaja Express Train Booking

The Maharaja Express Train Booking can be done through various travel agents, including the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and the official website of the Maharaja Express. Here are the steps to book a trip on the Maharaja Express:

1. Choose an itinerary: Select the itinerary that best suits your travel preferences and schedule.

2. Check availability: Check the availability of the desired itinerary for your preferred travel dates.

3. Make a booking request: Submit a booking request with your personal details, travel dates, and itinerary preference.

4. Confirm the booking: After receiving your booking request, the travel agent will confirm the availability and send you a confirmation email with the payment details.

5. Make the payment: Make the payment using the available payment options, such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

6. Receive the ticket: After the payment is processed, you will receive a ticket and other travel documents, such as a detailed itinerary, packing list, and travel tips.

It is recommended to book the trip well in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak travel seasons. The Maharaja Express offers a range of luxurious amenities and services to provide passengers with a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience in India.

Maharaja Train Cabins

A – Deluxe Cabin – This cabin is 112 sq. ft the area and has twin and double beds with bath and exquisite inters. The spacious room is well-decorated and wall-to-wall carpentry.

B – Junior Suite – This 150 sq. ft. cabin with cosy beds and attached bathrooms. These are equipped with modern amenities like LCD – TV. Direct dial phone and the internet.

C – Suite – It is 220 Sq. ft. area cabin and there are 4 suites in the train which can accommodate 8 passengers. These cabins have sylvan furnishing and all modern facilities. You book these suites to the live like Royality in serene environ.

D – Presidential Suite – This is the ultimate luxury experience and the presidential suite comprises of 448 Sq. ft. area. Each Presidential Suite on the Maharajas' Express is designed with a unique theme that reflects the rich cultural heritage of India. These themes include the Mughal, Rajput, and Maratha styles, among others. The suites are also decorated with elegant furnishings, premium bedding, and beautiful artwork, creating a regal and opulent atmosphere. In addition to the luxurious decor, the Presidential Suites come with a range of amenities, including a private butler, a personal valet, and a 24-hour room service. Guests can also enjoy an en-suite bathroom, a separate living area, a writing desk, and a mini-bar, among other features. Moreover, guests staying in the Presidential Suites can enjoy a range of exclusive services, including a private lounge area and a dedicated dining car. The dining car serves gourmet meals prepared by master chefs, and guests can enjoy a variety of wines and spirits from around the world.

Maharajas Express Train FAQ's

Clothing: - The Maharajas express has no explicit dress code you can choose the clothes you are comfortable while you are on your maharajas express tour. The Indian winters are mild and it’s advisable to carry light woolen clothing including Jackets and shawls. If you are attending a meal at a designated star category hotel then dress up according to the said occasion.

Dinning Cars / Restaurants of Maharajas Express: - The Maharajas Train has two dinning cars offering the best in fine dining to its onboard Guests. These restaurants can comfortably cater to 84 guests’ at one time in two restaurants; the entire clientele of Maharajas express can be catered in one go in both the restaurants. Mayur Mahal is the name of one of the restaurant “Mayur” is the name of Indian National Bird the Peacock. The other dinning car is named “Rang Mahal” literally this means a palace of colors, this dining car is pained in brilliant riot of colors and frescoes. The dining cars are served by excellent chefs who are hand-picked for the job. These chefs are masters in preparing the best of Indian and International cuisine. The onboard guests can also enjoy the best of wine available in a wide range. All the meals included in the Itinerary are served in these two exclusive restaurants.

Observation Car: - The large windows of this specially crafted carriage of Maharajas express offer a very panoramic view of the Indian hinter Land as the train chugs through it. This car also has a well-equipped library so you can enjoy reading along with the sightseeing. The observation car also has a small bar and souvenir shop from here you can buy memories.

Maharajas Express Itinerary: - The train in total offers four itineraries -Treasures of India, Indian Panorama, Indian, Splendor and Heritage of India. They focus mainly on the desert state of Rajasthan also known as the land of Maharajas. The train operates only in tourist season starting in October till March every year.

Maharajas Express Hotel accommodation Pre and Post: - The Maharajas express tour cost does not include any Hotel Pre or Post the Maharajas express tour Itinerary, you have to reach the originating station of the Maharajas express using your own means. The Maharajas express does not arrange the Hotel or transfer pre or post tour.

The Tourist Destination Covered: - The Maharajas express not only offers the luxury rail experience but it also coves the most famous tourist destinations of India. The travelers of Maharajas express are treated as real life Maharajas best of the excursion facilities are arranged for their sightseeing tours, best tour guides who have a long experience in tour guiding are hired. The vehicles used for sightseeing are best in their class. The travelers of suites and presidential suites are provided with best category luxury cars. Each and every need of the traveler is very well taken care and all efforts are made to facilitate the travelers enjoy their sightseeing trips.

Connecting flights: - The guests of the Maharajas express have to bear the expenses of incoming flight to Delhi | Mumbai the originating train stations of Maharajas express .Even the flights after the completion of Maharajas express is not included. The Maharajas express has no say nor provides any flights to its customers.

Travel Insurance: - he travelers traveling by Maharajas express are covered and protected by an insurance cover. This Insurance comes along with the Maharajas express fair and covers perils like fire, earthquake, flood etc. If you have a personal Insurance cover the same will serve an extra cover to protect you further.

Smoking in India: - In India public smoking is banned no one is allowed to smoke in places of public use. Even Maharajas express does not allows smoking, the train is equipped with smoke sensors. If a client wants to enjoy smoking then he/she should get prior permission from the train attendants.

Special Diet: - If you are lactose intolerant or have any such special diet request than do intimate about the same to the train authorities at the time of the booking. Few hours before the onset of the journey or changes while journey is ensuing makes the changes impossible in the normal menu of the train.

Internet onboard Maharajas Express: - The travelers of Maharajas Express are provided with the hi speed internet facility. The speed of the same may vary as the train passes through the remote villages of Indian country side. At major station the Internet facility will be uninterrupted and quite fast thus enabling you to stay connected with your family and friends while you enjoy your Maharajas Holidays.

Electrical Input: - The Maharajas express train has electricity sockets in all the cabins / suites, these sockets provide 110 / 220 volt electricity to run your laptops | Mobile phones. If you require adaptors you can ask for the same from train attendants, the train has availability of equipment used outside India.

Guides: - All the excursion tours of Maharajas express are guided by experienced English speaking Guides. If you require service of a guide in some other language then ask for the same at the time of booking as a change may not be possible instantaneously.

Child Policy: - Maharajas express welcomes families as their esteemed guests. The children below 5 are not charged anything extra but they are not provided independent beds. The children below 5 are supposed to share the beds with their parents. Children between the age group of 5-12 are charged 50% of the applicable tariff and are provided separate beds. These separates bed aren’t in the same or inter connected cabins as the parents as no other cabin apart from the presidential suite has inter-connecting rooms.

Maharajas Tariff Inclusion

1. All meals. Breakfast etc either at the onboard restaurants or at prior arranged hotels.

2. Accommodation in the cabin | suits as per the ticket purchased.

3. Maharajas express serves in house brand of wine | Alcohol to the esteemed clientele.

4. Professionally guided excursion tours at the respective sightseeing destinations.

5. All entry fees applicable, at the respective monuments

6. Transportation during the entire tour.

Maharajas Tariff excludes

1. Pre and Post tour Air-Tickets. 2. Pre and Post tour hotel accommodation. 3. All food and items purchased outside the train. 4. Branded Alcoholic beverages 5. Shopping at souvenir shops in the train | at tourist destinations. 6. Personal Insurance. 7. Tipping if any

Baggage limit: - Through there is no specific limit for baggage as per the Maharajas express rules but remember the space for storing the personal luggage is limited so carry luggage as per the airlines specifications and rules.

Porters: - The Maharajas express provides the services of porters at the boarding | de-boarding stations. You can avail this service at no extra cost.

Butter: - Every cabin of the Maharajas express has a dedicated butler at your service. You butler is very well versed in English and you can avail his services by just pushing a button.

Tourist Visa: - As a foreigner you require a valid India visa to enjoy the services of Maharajas express. If you don’t have a valid India Visa your booking will stand cancelled and no refund will be made for the same.

Cash / Credit Card: - The Maharajas express accepts all card like Visa, Master Card etc., you can easily pay with your card for any purchases onboard Maharajas express. If you want to exchange foreign currency onboard Maharajas express then Guest relationship Manager will give you a fair exchange rate for the same.

Maharajas Express Ticket / Travel Document: - As you made a formal booking for the Maharajas express train you will receive all the documents 14 days prior to the unset of your dream journey, these documents are supposed to be carried along through out your trip and the same should be presented on demand.

Train Tour Manager: - The Maharajas express has a designated tour manager who can any time be contacted by the onboard guests. The services of tour manager are available 24X7 on the train.

If at any said destination you plan to explore the destination at your will then do remember that always reach back to the train on time. The train will not wait for the tourist if they do not reach back to the train on time ,no refund will be entertained for the missed Journey.

Maharajas’ Express Departure Dates 2024

Get to know Maharajas' Express Schedule & Deparure dates for your forthcoming booking of Maharajas Express Package in 2024

Dates Journey
7th Jan 2024 The Heritage of India
14th Jan 2024 Treasures of India
21st Jan 2024 The Indian Panorama
28th Jan 2024 The Indian Splendour
4th Feb 2024 The Heritage of India
11th Feb 2024 Treasures of India
18th Feb 2024 The Indian Panorama
25th Feb 2024 The Indian Splendour
3rd Mar 2024 The Heritage of India
10th Mar 2024 Treasures of India
17th Mar 2024 The Indian Panorama
24th Mar 2024 The Indian Splendour
31st Mar 2024 The Heritage of India
7th Apr 2024 The Indian Panorama
29th Sep 2024 The Indian Panorama
6th Oct 2024 The Indian Splendour
13th Oct 2024 The Heritage of India
20th Oct 2024 Treasures of India
27th Oct 2024 The Indian Panorama
3rd Nov 2024 The Indian Splendour
10th Nov 2024 The Heritage of India
17th Nov 2024 Treasures of India
24th Nov 2024 The Indian Panorama
1st Dec 2024 The Indian Splendour
8th Dec 2024 The Heritage of India
15th Dec 2024 Treasures of India
22nd Dec 2024 The Indian Panorama
29th Dec 2024 The Indian Splendour

Maharajas’ Express Departure Dates 2025

Following are the Maharajas' Express Schedule & Deparure dates for your booking of Maharajas Express Package in 2025

Dates Journey
5th Jan 2025 The Heritage of India
12th Jan 2025 Treasures of India
19th Jan 2025 The Indian Panorama
26th Jan 2025 The Indian Splendour
2nd Feb 2025 The Heritage of India
9th Feb 2025 Treasures of India
16th Feb 2025 The Indian Panorama
23rd Feb 2025 The Indian Splendour
2nd Mar 2025 The Heritage of India
9th Mar 2025 Treasures of India
16th Mar 2025 The Indian Panorama
23rd Mar 2025 The Indian Splendour
30th Mar 2025 The Heritage of India
6th Apr 2025 The Indian Panorama


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