Useful Tips to Beat the Crowds at Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal owing to its magnetic attraction allures the tourists all over the globe. It is the fame that makes the farmer President of U.S.A Bill Clinton to comment that there are two categories of people in the world- one who has seen the Taj Mahal and other who have not seen it. Its magnificent architecture, sprawling lawns, breathtaking ambience, superb inlay work inspire Dubai to make the largest replica of the Taj Mahal.

The charms of Taj mixed with the history made it find a place among the new Seven Wonders of the World. Obviously millions of tourists travel to Agra annually just to seek nectar of Taj Mahal visit. Thus at times it gets very crowdie. In the present blog, I would like to suggest some tips to avoid the crowds at the Taj Mahal and thus try to soothe you.

Tips to Beat the Crowds at Taj Mahal

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Less Crowdie Time- It remains less busy between 8-9 A.M as those tourists who go for the Taj Mahal sunrise tour return back after doing the sightseeing by 8:30. Thus you can get rid of the sunrise wave of the tourists.

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Avoid the Peak Time The peak time of reflux of tourists is either at sunrise or in the afternoon. It is a paradox that it looks pretty at the dawn but remains very busy.Image result for Taj sunrise tour
If planning for sunrise Taj Tour- In case you do not want to miss the sunrise and want to beat the crowd, you should keep certain points in mind. Go for the pre booking of Taj Mahal entry tickets online. Leave your hotel one hour earlier just to place yourself early to the entry Gate of the Taj.

Remember if you are ahead of the crowd, you can save time as you enter through the security zone easily. You should not go with more stuff; just bring your camera and other things you can leave in the hotel room in the Car.

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Select the Month- The best season to have less crowdie feel at the Taj Mahal are the months of March, April, July, August and September. The peak season of the Taj Mahal starts from October and Culminates in February March and April are the month when you avoid the scorching heat and in July & August the rain showers make the atmosphere pleasing.

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Avoid Festivals- At the time of National and religions Festivals it gets very crowdie at the Taj, 26 January, 15 August are the National Holidays. Similarly the eve of Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Eid and Christmas festivals make it busier on account of Holidays in Schools and Offices.

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Avoid Weekend Tour- Lots of people freak out to the Taj Mahal from Delhi, Lucknow etc on the weekends- Saturday & Sunday.
Gate Selection- You must select the East Gate to enter the Taj more crowds enter through the West Gate.Image result for Taj mahal high value tickets
High Value Tickets- High value tickets are meant for the foreign nationals and it provides a separate entrance to the foreigners. Anybody can buy it to get some more ease of entrance.Image result for Taj mahal high value tickets
Sunset at the Taj Mahal- It can be great options as you beat the crowd of the Sunrise and enter at the Taj nearly at 3 P.M and can remain there for more than 2 hours until the Sunset. This can compensate the colour change which you missed by not going at the sunrise.

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Reaching the Taj on foot-Normally you are provided with the golf cart ride or battery van from the parking to the Taj Mahal. At times owing to the great rush in the parking there happens much load on the frequency of running these shuttles. In case you want to do the sunrise it is advisable not to wait too long for the Electra van services, rather you can easily walk for 800 meters within 5-10 minutes.Image result for Taj mahal vip entry

V.I.P Entry to the Taj- You are suggested not to fall a prey to the suggestions of the tours offering you express or V.I.P entry. As such there is not provision of fast track entry at the Taj Mahal.

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