Kailaasa of Nityananda- A Reality

Kailaasa of Nityananda- A Reality

As in the airs, fugitive rape accused Swami Nityanand is planning to make its cosmic country and naming it Kailaasa, can be nothing else but to live in fool’s paradise. Swami has been accused of the rarest crimes such as rape and living under the guise of a saint. According to the Hindu Scriptures Kailash Parvat is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva.

Nityananda Posing AS SELF LORD

Thus swami is trying to equate himself as an incarnation of Shiva or be like him. In recent years there have been so many incidents unraveling the truth of these pseudo saints. These fake swamis pose to be the saviors, the messengers of God, social reformers and thus even the real saints feel disgraced only by the activities of the fake ones

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As per Nityananda, his mini nation “Kailaasa” is dedicated to reviving; preserve and propagate the ethos of Hindu civilization and its ideals. The location of his proposed micro nation is in between the Caribbean countries of Trinidad and Tobago on an island that was before hand under the occupation of Ecuador. This patch of Island is supposed to be purchased by some of his influential disciples of the fugitive Nityananda.

According to the website of Kailaasa, Nityananda will appoint the Prime Minister and the President of the country as well as the other officials for the governance. The nation will have its own army, flag, and the Federal Bank. They would issue a passport to the Inhabitants and a foreigner has to take Visa to visit the country. Suppose you want to come on India Tour or visit the CARIBBEAN Countries you can plan visiting this so called micro country.

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All these things mentioned above look only a farce and nothing else as per the U.N norms no new nation can be created without the permission of the U.N and the world community. Even no other nation or the governments have authorized this nation so far. This may be a gimmick of realizing the donations from the followers or for the self-praise.

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