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The village garbage bins
The Taxi stand in the village
Neat and tidy courtyard in the village
Even the fallen tree leaves are properly packed
CNI school building in the village
A small market right in the village
Home stays are in vogue
Board displays vital information


The cleanest village of Asia

Situated in the Meghalaya state of India mawlynnong is the cleanest village of India, This village was declared as the cleanest village in 20003, the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ushered the campaign of clean India while there was a village which already was declared as the cleanest village not only in India but in Asia competing with much advanced nations like Singapore, Thailand, china. The village since has maintained its status of the cleanest village. The natural surroundings of mawlynnong with tall high areca nut trees, ferns, palm trees. The village has nicely paved metalled roads which are nicely painted. Even the open areas are very well paved.

Due to this Endeavour the village has a very good tourist’s inflow every week there are more than 500 tourist arrivals in this village. The villagers are operating home stay so the tourists enjoy a economical and good staying option.

The village incur a tax of 50 INR on every person visiting the village, every car entering the village is incured a nominal entrance amount which is spent on the upkeep and cleaning activities in the village.

There are community toilets at vantage points in the village

There are dedicated sanitation workers who work regularly to keep the virllage clean, even the tree leaves are collected subsequently turned in to humus and used as manure.

The tourists are not allowed to litter they are supposed to carry all the trash they produce back with them.

The village has a dedicated parking area for the tourist vehicle, the village also has a market area where the tourists can buy food stuff or things of daily utility.

Most of the residents belong to the local Khasi community and are Christian by religions the CNI (Church of North India) operates a neat and clean school for the children of the village.

Cleanest river of India- Dawki

Located in the Meghalaya state near the famous city of shillong and cherapunji, acting as a natural boundary for the Garo and Khasi hills is the river  Umngot perhaps because of its proximity to the Dawki village the river is also known as the Dawki river.

Even the stones on the base are clearly visible at Dawki river
Even the stones on the base are clearly visible at Dawki river
Local small boats available for hire
The army run scuba diving school
Bangladeshi tourist enjoying their day in the Bangladesh territory
Neat and clean Dawki river

How to reach-

You can hire a taxi from shillong to reach the Dawki village and Dawki river. The nearest airport is at Guwahati which is around 175 kms from Dawki river site.

Features and topography –

The river flows from the high mountains in to the plain area flowing through the big boulders, the green waters of Dawki  river are crystal clear, The river is known as the cleanest river of India, at places during the dry months this river is 40 feet deep but every stone on the bottom can be visualized from the top. The river flows in to the Bangladesh territory where the Bangladesh nationals gather in large numbers, they eat they party and enjoy a boat ride on the Dawki river, the border doesn’t affects their merri making though the area is clearly marked as Indian and Bangladesh territory and pillars segregate the two nations still at times the Bangladesh nationals can be seen sneaking on the Indian territory, the Indian border security force patrols the Indian borders while no one is seen on the Bangladesh side, the Bangladesh nationals also enjoy boat ride on the river even in the Indian territories this is in stark contrast with the India Pakistan border. The Bangladesh nationals collect in large numbers specially on public holidays or on the weeky holiday of Jumma (Friday).There is parking lot in the Indian side a boat ride can be easily arranged this boat paddles up to the extreme end of the river, you will be amazed to experience the natural environment and the cleanliness of the river even minute details of the river bed can be seen clearly from the top. It’s a truly amazing feature.

There is an Indian army run scuba diving school at the dawki river they give detailed lessons of scuba diving to the incumbents. They are well geared with all the required scuba diving equipment.

The Indian side at Dawhi has very less visitors there are no proper food and boarding arrangements at Danki you can do a same day tour of Dawki either from cherrapunji or shilling as there are no hotels at the Dawki river site small refreshments like Maggie noodles and packed eatables and beverages are on sale at the river site. The boat takes you to the point where the rocks make the subtle bottom of the river and the river water moves across these rocks making a lot of noise.

World’s Largest Family.

Just an hour drive from Aizawl in the state of Mizoram resides a family which today has 181 members in total , this family stems from Late Mr Ziona Chana who married 39 wives and gave birth to 89 children, all these people live under a single roof. This house has 35 large rooms they also have a family owned playground where children enjoy games unabated,there is a large dining area where the children and the elders enjoy meals together. Ziona Chana and his family are devout Christians with strong belief in polyandry. Mr Ziona Chana died in September 2021 at age of 76 years. The youngest wife of Ziona is today aged around 40 years while the eldest one is around 70 years of age. The children and the family of Ziona Chana are a classical example of united Indian family, this family is quite talented and are excellent carpenters and masons. They are all well employed.



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