Patna Bird Sanctuary: An Oasis for Bird Watchers

Patna Bird Sanctuary: An Oasis for Bird Watchers

The famous bird Sanctuary of Patna lies in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh and has a close proximity to Agra. Just by driving one and half hour on Agra Jalesar Road you approach this Place. Located close to Patna Village this sanctuary was founded in 1991 with a small lake of 2 kms and present in your Delhi Agra Tour as a bird watcher you can include it in your tour plan. The surroundings invite a large number of migratory birds and native ones also such as Rosy pelicans, bar headed goose, tufted ducks, sarus etc. More than 300 species of aquatic birds frequent this place.Image result for patna bird sanctuary

How to reach Patna bird sanctuary?

(By Train) – This place can easily be approached from Jalisar Railway station. You can also get there from Tundla or Etah Railway station.
By Road- From Jalesar Bust stand it is nearly 10 km far. You can take a bus from Agra or Etah to Jalesar. You can otherwise book a taxi car and reach this place.

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tna sanctuary is Kheria Airport Agra. Besides the best watching, you can see plenty of other fauna such as Nilgai, Jungle cats, Monitor Lizards Porcupines, etc. You can also watch some native plants such as date palms. If you are planning for Agra Tour and have one day extra, you can easily plan for the visit of Patna Bird Sanctuary along with the other highlights of Agra.

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