A Tale of Unknown Tomb of Ladli Begum

Many fine Mughal monuments fell prey to the time and nature, some of them were devastated and vandalized during the English rule over India. In your Agra tour, you can find the remains of such bygone tombs and palaces. It is rumored that even world famous Taj Mahal was almost gone under the auction hammer. One such beautiful monument which no more exists is the Tomb of Ladli Begum. Ladli Begum was the sister of Abul Fazal and faizi who were famous courtiers of Mughal King Akbar. She was the wife of Islam Khan who was the then Governor of Bengal. Only stories remain of this beautiful piece of art.

This monument was situated North West around 10 kms away from the famous Taj Mahal. Near a village “Mau” today this lies barely a kilometer away from the National Highway connecting Agra with Delhi. It is fabled that the then Indian Government auctioned this mausoleum and one famous businessman of Mathura bought it from the auction. The businessman brought down the building and sold the stones and architecture for a ransom. Today only a lump of rubble remains where once stood the fabled famous tomb of ladli begum. The Book published by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1874 has a clear mention of this tomb.     

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So many other small Mughal monuments lie on verge of extinction as the local population uses the bricks and building materials used in the construction of these buildings. The government of India is doing a wonderful job but more efforts are needed to preserve history.

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