Best Beaches of India – When & How to visit?

Best Beaches of India – When & How to visit?

Beach tourism has gained much popularity in the world tourism. Indian tourism besides the cultural and adventure experience brings to you plethora of options of beach tourism. The country with a large coastline has top class beaches in Andman and Nicobar island, in Goa & Mumbai. These beaches of India with the famous beaches of Maldives and same other European countries.

1 . Elephant Beach-Andaman

Elephant Beach (Travel Guide, Photos, 2021)
Elephant Beach

Location of Elephant Beach- The elephant beach is located at the Havelock island of Andaman. The beach is not very well connected as there is no motorable road leading to the beach. Trek of around 1.5 kms through the dense forest, crossing the mangroves will lead you to the elephant beach but remember the travails you under take to reach the beach will be forgotten in a minute as you see the beach. The other choice is hiring a boat from the Havelock docks.

Specialty of Elephant Beach– Elephant Beach is one of famous beaches of India. The beach is a long stretch of pristine white sand if you long for solitude then head straight to the elephant beach, probably if you have toured India and have been to other Indian states famous for beaches then you sure wont believe your eyes as the beach has crystal clear waters coupled with  pure amazing stunning white sands. The water is also not very rough and the beach is ideal for swimmers and snorkelers. If you are an avid scuba diver then this place is heaven for you as you can sight many varieties of fish living in the coral colonies. Don’t expect any shacks serving food at this beach as an exhaustive swimming session at the beach will leave you hungry, do carry your food while you plan a trip to the elephant beach. Remember to carry your Scuba diving gear or you snorkels for an excellent experience. No entrance fee is levied on visiting the elephant beach.

Best time to visit Elephant Beach– Though its great to visit this beach in any season but the stretch from November to February is the best, months during the monsoon from may to august may not be great as the sea can be rough during this time.

2. Radha Nagar Beach Andaman 

Radhanagar Beach, (Havelock Island) | Things to Do, Hotels, Photos
Radhanagah Beach

Location of Radha Nagar Beach – Radha Nagar Beach is one of the top Beaches of India. This marvelous beach is located at the Havelock Island of the Andaman district the beach is very well connected by a motorable road so you can travel to this beach in ease and comfort.

Features of the Beach-The unique selling preposition of this beach is the long stretch of clean white sand and crystal clear blue water of the ocean. This beach has been adjudged the best Asian beach in 2004. It has also been given the 7th rank on the ranking of best beaches in the world. Indeed the beach is worth its reputation. You can enjoy a wonderful sunset at this beach. Remember you are not allowed to enter the sea after 5 pm as the high tides make the sea dangerous. The pristine blue waters certainly impress the tourist. The beach is never too crowded but it still has more human count in comparison to other beaches of the Havelock Island. Food is available at the beach which has towering palm trees around. A magnificent place to enjoy time with nature indeed India has so much to be explored.

Best Time to Visit Radha Nagar Beach– The beach falls near the equator so its hot and humid for most part of the year. The winters from November to February provide a litter respite so plan your holidays in these months.

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3. Agonda Beach- best Beaches of India

Agonda Beach [Video] – Travel Guide, Things To Do, Restaurants
Agonda Beach
 How to Reach Agonda Beach– Agonda beach lies in the southern part of Goa. The city of Margao is around 39 kms from this beach while capital  city Panaji is around 70 kms. The international airport of Goa is around 61 kms. Because of being in the southern most part of Goa not many tourist come to this beach. You can hire a taxi from the international airport at Goa to reach the beach.

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Specialty of Agonda Beach-The crescent shaped beach with a small hill on one side is clean, pristine with navy blue waters, not many tourist around its an ideal escape for those who seek solitude and peace. Agonda is an ideal destination and cleanest among beaches of India.

The beach has many small beach huts available for hire at very reasonable price. There are beach restaurants, bars etc though drinking liquor at the beach is prohibited but you can enjoy at these beach bars, The kayaks and boats are available at the beach on nominal rent. The beach has a rough sea so if you are a good swimmer then only fare into the sea waters. The beach has some rocks protruding out of the sea it is an ideal location to enjoy the sunrise and sunset but remember the beach may get lonely late evening so keep this in mind. The coconut groves and the greenery on the adjoining hill make the beach a lovely sight for an Instagram worthy photo.

4. Baga Beach- One of the Top Beaches of India 

Baga Beach Goa - Shacks, Hotels, Nightlife
Baga beach

Location of Baga Beach- The Baga beach falls in the north Goa territory and is one of the top beaches of India. It is very close to the calangute beach and it’s just 2o kms from the capital city Panjim. The Goa international airport is around 40 kms. It has very good connectivity with public bus transport available right up to Baga beach, You can avail a car/ two wheeler parking at the Baga beach for nominal price.

Why is famous Baga Beach?- If you are a party lover then this is a beach right for you. The name Baga comes from a creek flowing on one side of the beach adjacent to a small cliff where the Baga Beach insignia has been planted. As the night falls the Baga Beach lights up with multitude of lights and the famous cafes Mambo and Tito are choc a bloc with tourist dancing to the tunes of the popular music numbers.

The beach is nice and clean with golden hued sand, there are many shacks on the beach, the beach beds and recliners are easily available for a nominal payment at Baga beach. In the morning Baga is peaceful with just few yoga enthusiasts and a fresh fish market on the creek. The way to the Baga beach is through a narrow lane lined up with tattoo shops, palmistry shops, food joints, and shops selling textiles and multitude of other handicrafts items. The famous Café Tito’s is also situated in a lane leading to the Baga beach.

Baga beach is famous for its sea food and adventure activities. You can hire and enjoy the para sailing, Jet Ski, bumber ride, boat ride,banana ride, dolphin trip at the Baga beach. There are many people selling these activities right at the beach and the area next to the creek is hub of these activities. Do remember to bargain well for these activities for best rates.

5. Varkala Beach-

 Varkala Beach - 2022 (Photos & Reviews)
Varkala Beach

Location of Varkala Beach- The Varkala beach is located in Kerala around 40 kms north to the capital city of Thiruvanthpuram. The city of Cochin is around 160 kms from Varkala. The highway 66 from Thiruvanthpuram connects the Varkala beach which is a little away from the highway.

Specialty of Varkala Beach- Varkala perhaps is the only cliff beach of Kerala and has the pride of being one of the famous beaches of India. The cliff adjoining the long stretch of sea beach can be divided in to three prominent areas the north cliff, the south cliff and the main town center. The north cliff is the promenade which has the maximum hotels, cafes and the market arcade.

The red cliff adjoining the golden sands and the navy blue water of the Arbian sea make Varkala look surreal. You sort of stand on mountain watching the rustic sea underneath. The Varkala city is an old city with temples and all other normal city stuff. The south cliff is known for surfing; you can hire the surf board and venture in to the sea. The sea at varkala favors’ surfing for almost 8 months in a year, the high waves of varkala make it a surfer’s paradise.

The north cliff is quite famous with the tourist who enjoy the shopping, sea food, the food outlets. There are sea facing resorts and hotels at the north cliff. The long stretch of varkala beach is pristine with blue water of the Arabian sea it’s also famous for spotting sea dolphins which are quite common here and can be easily spotted.

If interested you can hire a local boat hand made by the fisherman of varkala and venture into the sea this sure will be a memorable event with you being in the midst of the sea if lucky you may get to see and enjoy the dolphins. Soul & surf is a famous surfing school from Varkala, if interested you can get some training from them. Ayur Soul is an ayurvedic massage and rejuvenation centre at varkala it’s also quite popular.

6. Light House beach – Kovalam

Vizhinjam Lighthouse Trivandrum (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images & Information) - Kerala Tourism 2022
Light House beach

Location of Light House Beach- The light house beach is located 16 kms from the Trivandrum railway station; it is around 10 kms from the airport. You can hire a taxi/ auto rickshaw from Trivandrum to reach the light house beach situated at Kovalam area of Trivandrum.

What is Special about Light House Beach?- The crystal clear waters of the light house beach coupled with the clean sands make the experience of light house beach quite memorable. The name light house sure originates from a tall orange and white striped light house built at a protrusion in to the Arabian sea. In between the protruding rocky cliff of the light house and the other rocky protrusion on other side known as kovalam point is the crescent shaped beach known as light house beach of kovalam. Liminite and mozanite imbibe a dark tan colour to the sands of the light house beach of kovalam. The vizhinjam light house is also open to the tourists and you can get a splendid view of the beach and surrounding area by going up on it. The coconut fringed light house beach is surely a traveler’s delight. Similarly you can get a view from the other extreme corner of the beach which is another rocky protrusion called as rocky garden or kovalam point.

7. Marina Beach- Chennai

Visit Marina Beach for a Different View of Chennai
Marina Beach

Location of Marina Beach– Marina beach is one of the top beaches of India and is situated in the capital city of Tamilnadu. Chennai is home to 11 million people, on the eastern side of Chennai city is situated the marina beach along the bay of Bengal.

Features of  Marina Beach-Marina beach is an urban beach and the longest in India it spans around 6 km from fort St. George in north to foreshore estate in the south. Being a popular beach in a populated city it attracts hordes of humans. The human count can go up to 50,000 visitors a day especially on the public holidays and weekends.

Visiting Marina beach is akin to visiting an Indian Mela(fare) with all the basic characteristics of a traditional Indian fair (Mela) there are joy rides, there are food shacks- a lot of them , there are fun games, there are tattoo shops, there are shops  selling multiple items, ice cream vendors and hundreds and hundreds of smiling Indian visitors who are very tourist friendly and hospitable.

The width of the sand area is enormous by measure it sure is above 300 meters. Bathing and swimming at marina beach is prohibited

Marina beach is also associated with olive ridley turtle an endangered species of turtles which breeds and lays eggs at the NeelanKarai area of marina beach.

Apart from being a beach, marina beach is also famous for memorials of very popular Tamil politicians . Jayalalitha-MGR Memorial, Anna memorial-in memory of former leader Karunanidhi. There is also a light house at the marina beach , you can go up the tower of the light house by paying a nominal fees, the sight from the light house is enthralling specially the sunset is amazing. Marina beach holds the distinction of being worlds second largest urban beach.

8. Rushikonda Beach – Vizag

Visakhapatnam: Rushikonda Beach selected for development under Beams
Rushikonda Beach image

Location of Rushikonda Beach – Rushi Konda beach is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh on the eastern coast of India. It lies just30 kms from the city of Vishakhapatnam, normally it will take an hour to traverse this distance. All sorts of conveyance, public and private transport are available from Vishakhapatnam to Rushikonda. You can hire taxi or car use the public transport at ease.

Specialty of Rushikonda Beach-This neat and clean beach with not many crowds is a must visit for beach lovers of India. The beach has low hills around the beach. Rushikonda hill overlooks the Rushikonda beach and infect divides the beach and protrudes deep in to the sea. On one side of the hill the beach forms a perfect crescent while it continues unabated on the other side. The golden hue colour of the sand is clean along with the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal sea which makes a perfect picture.

The beach is managed by the Andhra Pradesh tourism development corporation who also own a hotel right at the Rushikonda beach on the slopes of Rushikonda hill. There is a park adjacent to the neat and clean beach where joy rides and swings for entertaining kids are present. The way to the beach has row of shops selling various eatables, handicrafts and other items to the tourist. The water at the beach is quite rough as the sea has large waves which are a sort of blessing for the surfers. Boat ride can be arranged at the beach along with other water sports. Coconut is very easily available at the beach you can savour and enjoy the coconut water while relaxing at the beach. The picturesque low level hills also have a ropeway, the view of the Vizag town from the top of Kailashgiri hill is amazing and worth clicking a few Instagram worthy pictures.

9. Gokarna Beach Karnataka-

Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Gokarna, Karnataka | magicpin blog
Gokarna beach

Location of Gokarna Beach– Going further down driving on the national highway 66 the Gokarna town is just around 60 kms from karwar and 150 kms from the capital city of Goa. The southernmost Goa town of Canacona is just 80 kms from Gokarna. The town and the beaches are more famous with the foreign tourist who throng this town in search of crystal clear waters and sands.

Specialty of the Gokarna Beach-The town of Gokarna has many beaches, the Om beach and the Kudle beach are more famous beaches of India. The shape of the Om beach is that of two semicircles joined together, in other words two crescent shaped beaches joined by a rock protrusion is what is called the Om beach. The beach doesn’t have too many visitors as the foreign tourists are not allowed during the Covid times. Water sports are available at the Om beach you can go for a Banana boat ride, a bumpy boat ride or you can go kayaking enjoying the tranquility of this unique beach. Food is available at the beach- Namaste café –a café at the Om beach provides food to the travelers.

Gokarna is a mythological Hindu town of Karnataka there is a Shiva temple  in the city known for a mythological history which is associated with Ravana -the mythical king of Sri lanka .The town has plenty of tourist shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts,textile,tattoo shops etc you can enjoy shopping at the town market.

The Kudle beach is famous for its sunset view. You can enjoy an amazing sunset at the Kudle beach of Gokarna.

10. Minicoy Island – One of the top Beaches of India

Minicoy Island Lakshadweep - Places to Visit, Things to Do, Best Time to Visit
Minicoy Island

Location of Minicoy Island– Minicoy is located in the Lakshadweep island cluster of India situated in the Arabian sea near the Maldives, The Minicoy island is the second largest island of the Lakshadweep. The Minicoy in 398 kms from the city of Trivandrum the only airport in the Lakshadweep is at Agatti, there is a regular flight from Agatti to the mainland Cochin, this flight takes 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Lakshadweep, from Agatti you can take a ferry to Agatti, even helicopter service is available from Agatti.

Best time to visit Minicoy-The best time to visit this beach is during the winter season right after the monsoon starling from October to April. The water is warm and weather is pleasant during these months at Minicoy.

Features of the beach-The biggest drawback of Minicoy is its proximity to the main land India and limited means of approach otherwise the Minicoy beach is certainly second to none. The pure non polluted crystal clear waters of Arabian sea and miles of white sand beach is what Minicoy stands For. The people of Minicoy are more near to Maldives in terms of language and culture as they speak “Mahal” a Maldivean language, they also follow Islam as the people of Maldives do while the rest of the 36 islands of Lakshadweep speak Malyalam and are tuned to the main land Indian culture. The beach is a heaven for surfing lovers as they can ride on the large waves quite common in the Minicoy sea. There is a peaceful silent lagoon on the other side of the island. The Minicoy is known for water sports you can enjoy Kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, on the clean waters of Minicoy beach. The corals at Minicoy are alive and very vibrant you can enjoy an excellent sight while you do scuba diving at Minicoy.


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