How Coronavirus is going to Affect India?

How Coronavirus is going to Affect India?

For the believers in religion Devil or satan has entered in the form of Coronavirus which is a sort of Pneumonia like disease and is caused by the Covid-19 virus. This epidemic of Coronavirus first started from China has taken the other countries of Asia and some parts of Europe into its grip. Presently it has spread to nearly 50 countries in the world and has a far-reaching effect of Coronavirus in India. It has caused concerns not only in the medical field in India but also in the economy, import-Export, Tourism, and other sectors.

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Medical Emergency of Coronavirus

Not only India but the whole World has serious Concerns on account of the rapid increase of cases of this disease. The concerns are not only limited to a medical emergency. But it is an alarm to the global economic crisis. In the present blog, I try to sketch out the pitfalls caused by the Coronavirus in India.

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For God’s sake, India has no positive case of Corona infection. There were some suspicious cases in Kerala. But ultimately found negative. Even the evacuation of the Indian citizens from China was a great move from the Government of India, Special thanks to the P.M. office, Ministry of foreign Affairs and the other relevant officials who took quick decision and action on evacuation. The people were kept in isolation and under watch for a certain time. Thus the timely intervention has made our country safe so far. But we have to be cautious all the time about the spread of the coronavirus in India and prepared for any emergency.

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We have to be equipped with the medical facilities and gear up the rapid process of checkup of any suspected patient. On the other hand, the governments offer to our neighboring countries to help any time and in any form is really app-laudable. Constant watch and restrictions on the mobility of passengers have played a vital role in remaining immune to the coronavirus. With the onset of the summer season after the Holi festival, even the danger of the spread of this virus is going to be minimized in India.

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How Coronavirus will affect the Indian Economy?

This virus epidemic has adversely affected the economy. The raw materials and the other imports from China are banned. This has resulted in a sort of stop in the manufacturing industries. The supply chain disruptions may cause inflation to increase, though so far we envisage a limited impact on the economy but indirectly it will have a far-reaching impact on the global economy.

India is a large importer of auto parts, Pharmaceuticals, and other consumer items from China, with the outbreak of this Coronavirus in Wuhan there is a shutdown of factories in China. Nearly 70% of electronic items and 40% of consumer goods we import from China. This import has almost come to stands still. So far we were able to manage but in the coming times, there can be an acute shortage of such things. This can create a shortage in supply and ultimately Pressure of Price hike.

Adverse Impact of Coronavirus in India Tourism 2020

Tourism is one of the most sensitive trades. India Tourism has suffered much damage on account of internal turmoils in 2019. The start of the New Year 2020 has been even worse in the tourism scenario. The adverse impact of the Corona minis is increasing rapidly not only in India Tourism but on the global tourism industry. The Indian Tourism has suffered the shackles on account of travel advisories issued by the western world on south Asian tourism.

How Coronavirus in India Affect tourism?

The travel agents and tour operators as well as restaurants, hotel industries are suffering much on account of trip cancellations. There is a paucity of tour inquires. The hospitality industry in India is concerned not only with 2020 tourism but even for the next year 2021 as most of the bookings are done prior even in most of the cases. Even one year in advance.

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India used to host a large number of tourists from China. There is an obvious stop of the Chinese tourists and even from other south Asian countries. As in most of these countries, there is a ban on arrival and departures. Now even the tourists from the U.S and other European Countries are scared.

How coronavirus fear affecting Taj Mahal tourism ?

There have been tremendous decline in the Taj Mahal foot falls of the tourists since fortnight ago. This is a grave sign among the tourist industry of Agra. There were some reports of a shoe exporter who return from Italy and was found effected by Coronavirus. Six members of this family including him were detected suffering from this. Later on the authorities came into quick action and timely intervention. One of the six members was found negative.

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Besides this an Italian group comprising of sixteen members was found suffering from this viral flu disease on their travel from Jaipur to Agra. The local administration took a serious notice of that and immediately these people were isolated. They are quarantined at the Indo-Tibetan border Police Chhawla camp under the strict vigil.

Should the Taj Mahal be closed on account of Coronavirus ?

Excluding such incidents there is no other news of any other person affected with Coronavirus in Agra. Taj Mahal is being visited by lots of Domestic and Foreign travelers everyday like earlier. Though there are restrictions on the travel of the national from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran there is no serious concern why travelers should postpone or cancel the trip to Taj Mahal.

The Cause of the concern for travelers is that many of the flights are stopped or canceled. The air routes are changed. Those tourists who just want to spare some time on holidays are postponing their journey or canceling it. They are rather willing to stay at home and will decide later for their holiday schedule. Keeping in mind the security infrared thermometers and the thermal Guns have been made available at the Taj Mahal.

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Sales of Golden Triangle Tour Package declining on account of Coronavirus fear

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This is almost the end of the tourist season for North India travel. The most demanded tours for North India “Golden Triangle Tour” have nearly 70% decline this time of the year and even the future is grim. Leisure tourists and honeymooners, as well as solo travelers, have seen a graphic decline. Similar is the case with the strength of the group tours.

Taj Mahal India and other ASI Monuments shut down

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has led to the closure of the iconic Taj Mahal India. The decision was taken on 16th March by the honorable minister Prahlad Singh Patel for this purpose. Under this decision, it was decided to close all the monuments of the Archeological Survey of India to keep the Pan India monuments closed for a fortnight.

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This decision was enforced right from 17th March 2020 and will be applied until the 31st of March 2020. Thus not only the monuments of India will remain closed but the wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, famous Temples, Malls, the theatre will also remain shut.

The government advises the people not to be scared but follow the safety measures to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Just to prevent the spread of coronavirus no public gathering is suggested and major events on the government side are either suspended or remain canceled.

Government measures to check the Coronavirus spread in India

The Indian government is taking all important decisions for closing borders like the international flight, Visa canceled up to 15th march, sanitization of railways, closure of Malls, Theatres and educational status. They also try to make urgent medical facilities like new hospitals with Ventilators, making medical kits and free delivery of Masks and sanitizers.

The appeal of PM Modi  for Janta Curfew on 22 March 2020 Image result for janta curfew

Yesterday PM Modi addressed the nation and appeal from the public for making social distance for the next few days and also informed that India is already in 2 nd stage of Coronavirus and still the world has no vaccine for it. So he requested to the nation to make one day as ‘Janta Curfew’.

This curfew is of the people, for the people, and by the people. He requested everyone to stay at home just one day from morning 7 am to 9 Pm. He also requests the people for making claps, ringing bells at 5 pm in your houses or balconies to say thanks to those doctors and volunteers who are still working 24 x 7 for us during this critical situation.

Pm Modi “Thaali Bajao”

On 22nd of March Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi ji requesting to the nation to banging Plates, horn, sankh or can clap as well for those doctors and Volentiers who are fighting against Coronavirus and giving his services 24x 7 in this tough situation.
And people did the same thing at 5 pm sharp in india on the eve of 22nd of March and around 1 billion people are praising for doctors team who are fighting day night with this disease.

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How Harmful the mass exodus from  urban areas to the villages ? 

The upsurge of covid-19 virus  infection cases has created many unforeseen situation such as India complete lock down, the mass exodus of the daily wage earners from the metro cities to their home villages etc.  The declaration of lock down by P.M. Modi for 21 days in India is really good and the  omly measure to control the situation.

The government of India in league  with the various state governments is fully prepared to provide the emergency services and to keep a watch on the increasing number of the patients affected with Covid-19

Coronavirus Pandemic: India will go for 21 days Lockdown- PM Modi ...

The union minister of finance Nirmala Sitaraman has announced relief packages and the high level committee is monitoring the arrangements- may be the hospitals, drugs, sanitizing , Ventilators etc . The government is urging the people to make social distancing.

The doctors, health workers and the Para medical teams are working day and night in their full capacity. On the other hand the R & D scientists are fully devoted to find out remedial drugs or vaccines to kill the corona virus or to suppress it.

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Price hike of commodity goods

Despite all such arrangements by the government, and the cooperation of the people, certain unimaginable issues are coming up like problem with the grocery shops which are almost all closed and growing hoarding activities. The prices of daily usage articles are twice hiked  specially flour, edible oil, Sugar etc . The agencies should take this in cognizance and should make such law for opening of the shops for few hours in a day. They should also implement the policy of market evolved during the rule of Alauddin Khilaji. Even this time of crisis the traders, retailers who are also a part of the society not all of them, but same try make money twice the time of real value.

Sudden mass migration

With the independence of India much focus was done on the industrialization which brought much rewards and same drawbacks  as well. As most of these job opportunities were limited to the big cities when the factories were established . Thus mass exodus of people was done since few decades back from the rural parts to the urban areas. Thus the manpower became limited in the villages while it multiplied 10 times in the cities. As usual people migrate in better search of opportunities.RCC starts food distribution among poor families - Bangladesh Post

The recent outbreak of covid-19 pandemic in the country and the nation ride lock down has brought wrath on the daily wage laborers. They are living under miserable conditions. Various governments and local bodes as well as N.G.O’s and the public is trying to help them out in thus time of crisis. They are not able to do their day to day work and are confirmed to their rented houses. It is not only with the case of the factory going labor but also with a rickshaw puller, tea seller with pushcart and so on.

Hardhips of the migrants and dangers

Despite the help of the government and the assurance of full care, these daily wage earners are migrating from Delhi NCR and other big cities to their home villages. As there are no trains or operating buses or other vehicles, they are forced to walk hundred of kms on foot with their boys and children imagine they are walking for several days, every in save cases more than a week without money and food having their kids on their shoulders.

This is not only that these poor families are facing the hardships, but there are various future dangers on account of such mass exodus.  Many cases are reported where the people are seen hiding themselves in trucks and migrating in groups. They are unaware of the fact that  if one  of them is  infected  with  the  virus, it  can affect all of them without being notice. None of them is following the security measures and no test has been done. Suppose if few of them or even one is infected and reaches his or her village, what is going to happen only God knows.

The villagers set in remote  with less facility of hospitals and expert doctors are prone to have a chain reaction of this virus among the community level. The social needs and the inter  dependence  of the village people make it hard for them to follow complete lock down.

Secondly as the situation normalizes as we are hopeful after few weeks , the industries would need those skilled labourers and there would be  scarcity of the workers , thus productivity will be affected. Even during  this time these poor folks would be forced to lead the life of a destitute as they would have temporarily no jobs. There would be  extra pressure on the villager resource. This in  long run  can create law and  order  problem also.

As these people are seen walking towards their villagers, the government is forced to provide them ferry buses  to their destinations. It is a serious problem travelling in the group formations which can spread the disease to the far off village as it is feared. Even these labourers who are seen thronging the roads and  bus stands are not so geared up for future planning or having enough savings , thus they can spend their days with their families at home.

How mass migration can be limited ?

Thus it is a big responsibility of the government and the authorities to cope with this situation. In  my  opinion the  sole remedy  lies in the fact  to teach these people to stay the places they are working and not to indulge in panic. Rather the government and N.G.O’s and civil society should come further to help them with food, lodging and temporary relief. These people should be guided not to follow mass migration as this is not the remedy. The people should be convinced that they are safe and the society is with them. The government should monetize them  until the situation is eased.

As most of the people who are migrating, they have to suffer the hardships of travel on Indian roads  and suppose they get sick or their young ones fall prey to any ailments how can these poor people manage with the medical aid. These people should also be suggested this way that you can get emergency medical and other services in the place you are living. You will be provided with free meals and free health check up. Your job will be reinstated as the situation gets under control.


How Tablighi Jamaat aggravated coronavirus crisis?

Recently Tablighi Jamat held in the Nijamuddin area of Delhi added to the corona crisis. The jamaat held in the last week of March  had nearly 6 to 7 thousands participants from India and overseas. Imagine even such times while most of the religions kept their religious and seminary activities either cancelled or suspended for sine die . All the religious places like famous temples ,mosques,  gurudwaras , churches  remain closed for the fear of mass spread ,the jamaat kept on its functions and thus helped in the spread of the virus.A number of jamaatis returned to their homes across the country and thus according to the statistics of the health department within a week the number of the  infected persons had risen to  more than 4000 and thus multiplied four times.

Dr Atul Kumar Singh Parmar

Dr Atul is a graduate of R.B.S College Agra after the graduation did his Masters in Arts (English) Later pursued Bachelor of Education and Doctorate in English fro Agra University Agra. He has been been engaged in the tourism trade since 1995 , Worked as Govt Of India approved tour escort till 2011, He is promoter of S.A.M Tours and Travels. He is an avid traveler and travel writer with expertise in tours and travels, history, literature, architecture, social and political.

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