Best Ways To Use The Time During Lock down

The term lock down may be quiet new to the many people and plenty of inhabitants of India might be facing this first time in their life. The term has been coined in the modern society and is similar to social curfew. Presently all the states of India are witnessing the 21 days nation wide lock down in India.

What is Lock down In India?

Lock down is meant to create a sort of social distancing. Suppose if any pandemic brokers out or the social riots take place, it becomes the urge of the hour to keep the masses inside their houses. Sometimes even police meddles with and cardon off the place or the area. The idea is envisaged to cut off the chain of contagious disease caused by the virus or by the bacteria,and to curtail gossip mongering in the localities  and thus prepare an atmosphere to nip it in the bud to a large extent.

21 Days lock down in India for the sake of our

The Prime Minister of India declared a nation wide lock down on 24 march ,2020, in context of the growing Coronavirus pandemic. As it is evident that the problem caused by the Covid- 19 virus is becoming serious with the passage of time and the number vof persons effected with this virus has risen up to 600 by the 26 th March. The union government and the state governments are very serious to control this virus as soon as possible. Barring few incidents the public of the country.

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Even all the believers in religion and theology must keep  this thing in mind that these are the tests of nature and the Almighty and we should overcome them with patience. Remember that Lord Ram led the life of  12 years exile and hardships , why can not we spend 21 days living at home for the sake of ourselves, for our family , society and nation as a whole.

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How to use the spare time in the lock down in India?

As most of the people have nevar faced such long lock down, it is very natural that thousans of questions arise in the minds of the people as what to do or how to kill the time? Some of the  people have seen the curfew for few days, but not such lock down. In the lock down time it is expectes from the side of the countrymen to remain in the houses and thus maintain social distancing and give a big jolt to thevirus chain.In case  some of the people do not abide by the rules and guidelines set by the government voluntarily, the local police is asked to to implement that forcefully and to keep astrict vigil to make sure no body violates it.

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Now the question arise as how to use the spare time  and what are the effective ways to use the lock down time . The best way in my opinion  is to understand the gravity of the situation and not to create a panic May be for ashort  span of time we have to suffer and feel like we are losing our liberty and rights. So we should not be strenuous and follow the routine course of life in a easy manner.

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Do proper exercise at home

Just to keep yourself hale and hearty , you should  plan for regular exercise . Most of the people are aware of the importance of the exercise and many youths go to the gyms . in the present situation you are not able to attend the gymnasium you have to find out the option of doing it at home .

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Those people who do Astang yoga should do it at home rather than doing it in parks or in public places better exercise would strengthener your immune system and make you strong enough to fight against the viral attack.

Reading the newspaper and magazines

Bacon has aptly commented “reading maketh a full man , writing an exact man “ humanity is always in pursuit of gaining knowledge of the current affairs .newspapers and magazines are the best medium to stay updated.

Most of the people are in habit of reading the newspaper in the morning with tea . in the times of lockdown you can devote more time to your habit of reading the newspaper. In case you read a physical newspaper get your hands sanitized before and after reading the newspaper . you can also read the E- newspaper on your mobile or I pad .

Help your counterpart in household work

You have to evolve the habit of helping your better half in the household work . thus both of you would be able to use the time in a better way . you are advised to avoid maids during the lockdown period . this would help in social distancing.

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Spend time with children

This time would give you more pleasure with sparing time with children . you can involve with them in indoor games and appraise their work and abilities.

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Involve in creativity

Every human being is a storehouse of some form of creativity like painting , storytelling , writing   . according to your taste you can spare some hours in doing what you find amusing.

Children after their board exams can use this time for further course of action . in case they want to seek admission for further courses and their competitive and entrance exams  are postponed , they should not relent and chanellize their energies . for better preparations parents also have a vital role in this process of boosting up children.

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Browsing the internet

This is a good time to browse the internet and enhance your knowledge . you will be updated in the latest material and international news . you can also watch movies on the T.V. or on the computer.

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Active on social media

Social media platforms like the facebook , Instagram and twitter can be effectively used during this time of lockdown . but this tool should be used in a constructive way and harnessed for the betterment pf civil society . it is our duty to refrain from gossips and rumours.

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