Noorjahan Salim Anarkali Chronicles

Noorjahan Salim Anarkali Chronicles

Noor Jahan Salim Anarkali Love Story

The present blog is helpful in the understanding of various facets of the love between Salim Anarkali and between Salim and Noor Jehan. It depicts the condition of the prince cleft between two lovers and the circumstances of the authoritative father, Father who is bound by his duty towards the son and the public. One is blind in love and is ready to defy the father’s orders and challenging his father.

This also shows the pitiable condition of the first lover and the causes of how the second lover Noorjahan succeeds in her efforts. India still hasn’t changed much the western concepts of dating etc are still a taboo the lovelorn young generation is still treated as it was done by authoritarian  King Akbar, The love birds are still frowned upon and the younger generation still has to abide by the orders of the old.

Salim Anarkali Chronicles

Agra Fort has witnessed many romantic tales, love laden lovers, tragic stories, touching episodes, coronation ceremonies, etc. It’s not mere a fort made of brick and mortar the slender and fragile human emotions have written so many stories, stories of love, deceit, eve-teasing, hate, revenge all were actually enacted upon here.

Salim Anar Kali and Nurjahan’s triangular love episodes have been the liking of the readers of the fictions and the spectators of the dramas. There is a controversy on the Anar kali character. It became more in limelight with the movie Mughal-I-Ajam of K. Asif. It is considered she used to be a courtesan from Lahore and came to the Mughal palaces in Agra as a dancing girl. As the prince Salim had the first lance of her, he was enamored by her beauty.

Noor Jahan Anarkali real names!

Her real name was Shaif-un-Nissa. It was very customary with the Mughal Rulers that they used to have nicknames and similar many girls were conferred with the titles names or synonyms just to hide their identities, same is the case with other characters Noor- Jahan who was given this title by the prince as the beauty of the world but her real name was Meher-un-Nissa. Even prince Salim had the title name Jahangir as he became the emperor which signifies the emperor of the world.

Where wit Superseded Beauty- It is commonly known that both of these girls Anarkali and Noorjahan were equally close to the heart of Prince Salim and had the same physical crams. Anarkali also is known as Nadira Begum hailed from the Sheikh family while Mehar-un-Nissa was the daughter of Mirza Giyas beg who used to hold an important portfolio in the court of Akbar. Both had a pleasing personality and feminine grace and agility. The stories of Anarkali and Mehr were in the air of Agra in that time and first recorded by William Finch in 1611.

How did Noorjahan come close to Jahangir?

It was the wit and intellect of Mehar that made her close to the crown prince. He had already lost the first love by the order of his father Akbar when Anarkali was enclosed within the walls. At the same time, he loses the second love when Mehar is married to Alikuli khan, But while both of them were close to the crown prince. Mehar made him more impressed with the overpowering wit. It is said when the prince saw her first with his favorite pigeons in the Agra fort he asked where are the other- she said they have flown. Prince in fury asked how- she made the others flew uttering like this. During your Agra tour while you visit the royal palaces the story comes alive to you.

Akbar Unhappy with both Noorjahan and Anarkali- why?

Emperor Akbar disliked the idea of the marriage of either of these two girls with the prince. According to the local rumors, Anarkali was enclosed within the walls of the Fort but mostly accepted is that on the mercy appeal of the Mother of Anarkali  Akbar let her go and she spared the rest of her life at Lahore in anonymity.

There is a famous market known as Anarkali bazaar in Lahore showing the people’s love for Anarkali. Similarly, he did not like the heir apparent to be in nuptial ties with the blood of low virtue, He rather wanted him to be married to the Royalty of Rajasthan. He was married to the princess of Jodhbai and from her, Khusro was born Akabar managed to marry Mehar with Alikuli khan.

Where are Noor Jahan and Anarkali Buried?

As a token of love after attaining the throne, Jahangir ordered for making a tomb of Anarkali at Lahore in the form of four quartered garden. After the demise of Jahangir he was entombed at Lahore and with him Mehar was also buried in the same place. Thus Anarkali even after the death could not find a final resting place with Jahangir only got it in his memories while Mehar attained it. 

Romance in the Royal Harem–

Jahangir loved wine and the fair sex. It was for the sake of Anarkali he sometimes used to work as an intruder. Such a story is recorded by Abul Fazal the court historian when Jahangir like a boss or enters the Harem by the negligence of the guards.

Akabar comes on the spot and tries to attack with a sword and all of sudden recognized Salim. Abul Fazal hides the identity and puts it like a mad man but obviously, it was prince Salim in the pursuit of the female hunt. After the Taj Mahal Trip, you must certainly visit Agra Fort to get to know the life and stories of the Mughal Rulers.

Noor Jahan’s An Embodiment of Women Power

This charismatic lady after the demise of her previous husband lived the life in desolation until three years later she was married to Jahangir; Most of the historians aver that the real powers of governance were vested in her. She was all the time with the emperor whether at the time of court proceedings or the war zone or hunting expeditions.

Even she used to hold the state seal so that any official order was issued only with her corset. Imagine lady figure so important in the harem sparing time for artwork. It is considered she initiated the art of Zardozi (Embroidery) for the harem workers. She is also considered to be the first discoverer of the essence of rose.

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  1. Jahangir married Nur Jahan in 1611 ,and built tomb of Anarkali in 1615.Why would Nur Jahan not object to building of Anarkali’s tomb by Jahangir ? The answer is that in reality Nur Jahan was Anarkali ,and she wanted to bury her past of being a mere courtesan. Jahangir was only too willing to comply with his beloved !

  2. Is it not paradoxical that on one hand Jahangir built a tomb for Anarkali in Lahore and yet makes no mention of her in his memoirs ,Tuzuk I Jahangiri. Why would he do it when he knew the reality.

  3. Is it not paradoxical that on one hand Jahangir built a tomb for Anarkali in Lahore and yet makes no mention of her in his memoirs ,Tuzuk I Jahangiri

  4. Jahangir had 20 wives and Nur Jahan was the last one

  5. Akbar had spared the life of Anarkali on the condition that she would live incognito. However, on coming to throne in 1605 Salim as Jahangir discovered the whereabouts of Anarkali. In 1607 her husband was murdered and she was brought to Jahangir along with her daughter Ladli.In 1611 Jahangir married her as Nur Jahan and later her daughter Ladli was married to a son of Jahangir .From the moment of her marriage Nur Jahan became de facto ruler of Mughal Empire till the death of J


  6. Agra was the capital of Mughal empire from 1556 to 1658 during the reign of Akbar , Jahangir and Shah Jahan . Then why are the tombs of Jahangir , Anarkali and Nurjahan in Lahore ? It is because the romance between Selim (Jahangir) and Anarkali (Nurjahan) had originated in Lahore ; and this city contained their fondest memories.

  7. 1599 is the year in which Anarkali is ostensibly entombed alive in Lahore fort on orders of Akbar and Selim revolts against his father.1599 is also the year in which the future Nurjahan gets married in a faraway place. This is because Nurjahan was actually Selim’s Anarkali !

  8. 1599 is the year in which Anarkali is ostensibly entombed alive in Lahore fort on orders of Akbar and Selim revolts against his father.1599 is also the year in which the future Nurjahan gets married in a faraway place. Can these 3 events be coincidental ?

  9. The first time I visited Anarkali’s tomb I had a hunch that it was a dupe meant to cover something and that no burial had ever taken place in it.The British too seemed to know it as they were here in Lahore during the reigns of Akbar and Jahangir , and they
    are very good spies. They moved the gravestone to one side and converted the whole building into a church. Where else has this been done ?

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