Vittala Temple Hampi – History & Facts

Vittala Temple Hampi – History & Facts

India is such country which provides a kaleidoscopic view of various cultural and architectural facts. These historical buffs are replete with ancient knowledge of science civil engineering and geometry. Besides there are so many mysteries related to these marvels of art and sculpture that even modern science has no explanation. Being a more speculator and appraise the beauty of these unprecedented art work is the best to explore then these architectural selectors are sprawling from East to West and North to South of India. Among a large list of historical wonders of India the Vittala temple of India comes on the forefront. On account of superb workmanship and musical pillars Vittal temple is believed to known as the fountain spit of Hampi Art. This is such places which defy the scientific laws and exists on account of divine povas Vijay Vittal temple is one of the most popular places in Hampi.Vittala Temple | Temples in Hampi | Hampi

History of Vittala Temple

The famed temple of Vittala was originally brull in 15th century A.D. During your Hampi tour you can still visit the remains of a township called vittalapura. This site is spread amid the temple complex. Aftre the original constriction the subsequent rulers added to the present vittala temple. Originally the temple was built in the reing of King Devaraya II.

Highlight on heritage: New book on Hampi aims to demystify stories around the historical site- The New Indian Express

How to Reach Vittala Temple?

To visit the vittala temple you have to reach Hampi. Hampi can be approached from Bangaluru which is 376 kms and Hubli is 165kms from Hampi, you can drive to Hampi easily. If you want to reach by train you have to book ticket for Hosapete railway station. Closet airport to Hampi is Jindal Vijaynagar Airport.

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Best Time to Visit Vittala Temple

The best time to visit Vittala temple Hampi is from October to March. Hampi lies on the south of Turgabhadra river. This city is located in the city of Hosapete in Karnataka state.

The Legend of Vittal Temple

It is believed that the temple was built for Lord Vishnu as his abode to dwell there in Vittal form. But Lord Vishnu found this temple too massive and grand and he preformed to return back to his simple home located at Pandharpur.

Architecture of Vittal Temple

This grand temple built during the epoch of Vijaynagar rulers is a fine specimen of art. It is erected in the Dravadian style. As you enter the complex you will be mesmerized by the deft handed craftsmanship of the artisans. The awesome carvings will enthral you up to the care of your heart. Besides the stone chariot you get to see several structures such as Maha Mandap, Ranga Mandap, Utsav Mantap etc. As you enter the temple complex through the eastern gate close to the ticket counter, you get to see the stone chariot. This is a shrine built in the shape of a chariot and had Garuda image originally.A Guide To Vijaya Vittala Temple, Hampi | Trip101

Mysterious Musical Pillars

The ground Ranga Mandap houses the musical Pillars which are 56 in numbers. These columns are called as saregama pillars. As you tap the there are main pillars but it has some small ones also and these pillars provide a support to the ceiling of the mantapa. Each main pillar has a common with seven small pillars. The notes coming from these pillars produce different sound like the strings of the musical instrument of Veena or Sitar. Hampi's Vittala Temple of Musical Pillars | Times of India Travel

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