Top 5 Beaches in North Goa

Why Goa is Famous?

Goa is a small state on the southwestern side of the Indian Peninsula. This state is known for its sun Kissed famous beaches of Goa and its unique lifestyle. The state was made famous by the hippies who started a love affair with this panoramic coastal state in the ’60s, Many Indian movies were based on the theme of Goa culture and lifestyle. The state was part of the Portuguese Empire it was amalgamated into the Indian Union in 1961. Goa is known for its Cashew Plantation and tourism. Today lots of new Industries are also coming up and Goa is fast becoming a developed industrial state.

What is the best time to visit the Beaches of Goa?

The north and south Goa are very well connected by a four-lane National highway. Goa is a coastal state so winter season is not there, the best time to enjoy Goa is from November to March. The world-famous Goa carnival is held in the month of February. The Goan ethos is to eat, drink and make merry. The Goa can be divided into two parts the South Goa and North Goa. We will discuss over here the best 5 famous beaches of Goa.

Mira Mar Beach-  One of the most famous beaches of Goa

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Location– This beach is the nearest to the Goa capital city of Panaji. It is around 3 km from Panaji city.

How to Reach Mira Mar Beach?

The Panaji city is just around the corner from this beach (approximately 3 km). You can comfortably walk or hire a taxi for this small distance. The airport is around 30 km (Dabolim airport) and the nearest railway station is around 12 km (Karmali Carambolim).

This beach is the nearest to the city of Panaji so if you are staying in Panaji then a short walk will take you to this beach, because of its proximity to the Goa capital perhaps this is the most popular beach of Goa with lots of visitors, street food, so if you are not too wary of crowds then this is the beach for you.

What makes Mira Mar Beach famous?

The river Mandovi culminates with the Arabian Sea near to this beach you can savor the local street food at Miramar. The Palm trees and the Golden sand are the characteristics of this beach. If you are too apprehensive of the crowd and do not like the huge crowds then you might not like Miramar.

What are the popular Activities in Mira Mar Beach?

Though water sporting activities are not available at this beach if you want to learn water sports then you can learn the same at the National Institute of water sports in Panaji. If you are interested in Casino then you can avail the same at this beach. The river Mandovi river cruise with lots of music dance and enjoyment also operates near to this beach every day.

Vagator Beach

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Location of Vagator Beach

This beach is in the northern part of the state of Goa. This is located very near to the confluence point of the river Chapora with the Arabian Sea. This beach is north to the famous Anjuna Beach the hippie haunt of Goa, the nearest Railway station is Tivim. Vagator is 22 km from Panaji and almost 45 km from Dabolim airport. Mapusa is the nearest town from Vagator.

How to Reach Vagator Beach?

You can easily hire a cab from the International airport or from Panaji city. The access from other cities of Goa is also smooth, local rickshaws and taxis are also easily available.
This beach offers you a unique mix of rocks, sand and the small hillside. The Vagator is divided into two parts by the highland. The north part is called Big Vagator while the southern part is called the little Vagator.

What makes Vagator Beach Famous?

Unlike the busy beaches of Goa, Vagator is known for its peace and solitude, the sunset across the rocky shore is panoramic, you sure can spend hours gazing at the horizon. The sea is usually rough and only skilled swimmers are advised to venture into the sea. If you are interested in hiking then on looking nearby Chapora fort is a good option, the view from the Chapora fort is scintillating. The Chapora fort hill extends right up to the seashore while the south side is all rock. There are some very well known shacks serving the Goan food on the beach itself. You can enjoy the fresh coconut drink sitting on the sands of the Vagator.

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Activities at the Vagator Beach

While on the way to the beach you can shop around for souvenirs, handicrafts items, clothes, etc.
Enjoy a beach party on the beach.
You can involve yourself in the live music and food at the Nine bar, Hilltop and Primrose food haunts and café.
Be a part of the water sports on the beach, water scooter, parasailing, Jetski, etc.

Calangute Beach-one among most famous Beaches of GoaImage result for best pics of anjuna beech goa

Location of Calangute Beach

The Calangute beach is just around 15 km from the Goa capital city Panaji, very well connected by the road and national highway. You can arrive at the beach in your hired car. The parking is not very far from the beach. The international airport at Dabolim is another 45 km from the Calangute beach.

How to reach Calangute Beach?

the Calangute beach is in close proximity to the Calangute town, you can hire a taxi from Dabolim Panaji to reach Calangute. The state transport buses are also available from the Calangute town. The taxi and other means are readily available in Calangute.

What makes Calangute Beach Famous?

The Calangute is known as the queen of beaches in Goa. The silver sand extends long. The Calangute is a busy beach with lots of visitors, local tourist and international both love Calangute beach. The road to the beach is lined up with lively shops selling lots of various wares, handicrafts, and trinkets, even you can join a workshop and go on for a designer tattoo, clothes, etc. You can shop for a lot of things on the Calangute beach.

What other things you can do?

The beach has some very famous eating joints and pubs. If you are looking for solitude then perhaps Calangute won’t be high in your choice but if you love the crowds then this is the beach for you. Because of the crowds take good care of your belongings while you are in a crowded place. The Calangute beach is a lively place and remains so for the entire day. The beach has a sort of ongoing Mela in the busy tourist season. Enjoy the crowds and the music of Calangute.

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Activities at the Calangute Beach

You can choose lots of water sport activities the most famous is the Parasailing you can also enjoy surfing and water skilling. Jetski, banana ride, bumper ride are also other popular water sports options.
Enjoy shopping in the local Market at Calangute near the beach.
Enjoy a drink at many popular pubs on the beach.
Go for a tattoo.

Anjuna Beach

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Location of Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is located south to the Vagator beach on the northern side of Goa state, the beach is just 18 km from Panaji and around 45 km from the International airport at Dabolim.

How To Reach Anjuna Beach?

The beach is well connected with roads, you can hire a taxi to reach Anjuna. The Anjuna was once the favorite haunt of hippies. During the seventies, the hippie monument was very famous and it denoted a distinct culture of enjoyment which was very similar to the Goan ethos of eat drink and make merry.

What makes Anjuna Beach famous?

The beach is a wonderful straight shore with golden sand. The way to the beach is lined up with scores of shops selling cheap clothes, souvenirs, etc. In India, you can find a cow on the beach. The Sea at Anjuna is not very rough so you can enjoy swimming at this beach. The beach is lined up with recliners, you can cool your heels and enjoy the sun while soaking in your favorite beer. The pool has restaurants belching out psychedelic music and Indian and western delicacies.
Anjuna was famous for the beach parties and foreigners. The beach is not very crowded as not many locals come over here.

Activities at the Anjuna Beach

Trance parties at the beach
Flea market shopping from the local markets every Wednesday and Saturday these markets sell clothes, Jewelry, Souvenirs, etc.

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